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Ascent Dumbwaiter
Ascent Dumbwaiter


Begin all orders by choosing the standard dumbwaiter. Note: Shaft sizes must be the finished inside dimension. Please complete all boxes below. Cab configurations with no upcharge are shown in the diagram below. There are minimum dimensions in any direction. Call 1-800-572-9310 if you have any questions. PLEASE RECORD ALL DIMENSIONS IN INCHES. COMPLETE ALL BOXES BELOW THAT APPLY TO YOUR JOB. THESE MEASUREMENTS WILL ALLOW THE MANUFACTURER TO DO THE SHOP DRAWINGS FOR YOUR APPROVAL PRIOR TO PRODUCTION.
1.Top Floor to Ceiling:
2. 1st Floor to 2nd.:
3. 2nd Floor to 3rd. * Must order 3 stop option and check travel length of lift:
4. Finished Width of Shaft:
5. Finished Depth of Shaft:
6. Hoistway Door Swing 1st Floor Left/Right:
7. Hoistway Door Swing 2nd Floor Left/Right:
8. Hoistway Door Swing 3rd Floor Left/Right:
9. Freight: Freight/Brokerage (+$975.00)
10. HST / GST in Canada: HST Ontario, New Brunswick, NFLD and Labrador (+$649.35)
HST British Columbia, Canada (+$599.40)
GST Alberta, Sask., Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, Yukon, NWT Canada (+$249.75)
11. Rail Location for Standard Cab: Rail at back wall.
Rail at right wall.
Rail at left wall.
12. Hoistway Door Location for Bottom Floor: A
13. Hoistway Door Location for Second Floor: A
14. Hoistway Door Location for third floor. (If applicable): A
List Price: $6155.00
Price: $4995.00

Length of Travel - Up to 18 ft.
Length: Total travel up to 18' (+$415.00)
Total travel up to 26' (+$830.00)
Total travel up to 36' (+$1285.00)
Price: $415.00

Stops Option
Most dumbwaiter applications are two stops. A "stop" is any level where you can load or unload the lift. For a 3 stop measure standing floor to standing floor on lower two levels and floor to ceiling on uppermost floor. If one of the stops require entry and exit from two different sides then an additional landing option is required. Note: The maximum length of travel is 28 ft. Any travel over 12' requires an upcharge under Travel Length Option. Please call 1-800-572-9310 if you require addtional information.
# Stops: Three stops (+$670.00)
Four stops (+$1400.00)
Price: $670.00

Configuration - Straight Through Cab
Configuration - Straight Through Cab
Price: $307.00

Configuration - Right Hand Ninety Degree Entry/Exit Cab
Configuration - Right Hand Ninety Degree Entry/Exit Cab
Price: $575.00

Configuration - Left Hand Ninety Degree Entry/Exit Cab
Configuration - Left Hand Ninety Degree Entry/Exit Cab
Price: $575.00

Standard Cab Sizes
Standard cab size with no upcharge is 20"Wx20"Dx30"H with 100 lb weight capacity. Two larger standard cab sizes are listed below with associated upcharge. Any size different that standard cab sizes is a custom cab. Note: EMI locks maybe required. Call 1-800-572-9310 for advice.
Sizes: 20"W x 20"D x 30"H w/100 lb capacity (std)
24"W x 24"D x 30"H w/150lb capacity (+$395.00)
30"W x 30"D x 36"H w/200lb capacity (+$585.00)
Price: $0.00

Custom Cab Size
Any cab size different than the three standard sizes are considered custom. Car size determines capacity requirements.
Desired cab width (16"- 30"):
Desired cab depth (16"-30"):
Or size to fit existing finished hoistway (width and depth):
Cab Height Selection: 30"
Price: $1500.00

EMI Locks - Required for 90 Degree Cabs
Required for ninety degree cabs for two or three stop application. Some custom cab sizes may require EMI locks.
# Locks: Two (+$600.00)
Three (+$900.00)
Four (+$1200.00)
Price: $0.00

Floor Mount Drive Unit
The motor is mounted on the floor of the hoistway. This allows the weight capacity to increase to 200 lbs on a standard cab size. (Includes remote controller package)
Price: $620.00

150 lb Weight Capacity
Optional 150 lb capacity to stated cab weight capacities
Capacity: 100 lb (std)150 lb (+$195.00)200 lb (limited to 20' of travel) (+$295.00)
Price: $0.00

Remote Mount Controller Package
Some states codes require that the controller be accessible from outside the hoistway. Please check your state code to see if this is required.
Price: $375.00

Automatic Homing
This option returns the cab to your choosen home station. The time can be set to return to home base.
Price: $275.00

Key Lock Call / Send Controls
Number: One (+$70.00)Two (+$140.00)Three (+$210.00)Four (+$280.00)
Price: $0.00

Additional Landing Opening
If you require more than one opening (like a straight through cab configuration where on one level you want access from both sides then this option gives you an additional G.A.L. lock, Call-Send and wiring.
Price: $400.00

Hoistway Doors
Unfinished Maple: Landing Door - Matches car opening (+$395.00)
Machine Access Door 18"x24" (+$375.00)
Price: $0.00

Stainless Steel Cab For 20x20 Standard Cab
Most non-residential installations will require a stainless steel cab.
Price: $1800.00

Fixed intermediate shelf
Can not be removed.
Price: $225.00